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24 July 2014 @ 02:05 pm
Hello One Direction community-
I am new here and wondering if anyone in the One Direction fandom is making podfics of some of their favorite/best fics? I almost exclusively listen to fic rather than reading it, and have been able to find tons of stories for many fandoms on www.audiofic.jinjurly.com but VERY few One Direction fics. Is anyone making them? Does anyone have any links or recommendations?
17 July 2014 @ 02:58 pm
by eunoia

→ zayn/harry, au - fluff/angst
+ nc-17 / 8625 words
&’ side pairing: zayn/perrie
- mentions of sex/drugs/violence

cic⋅a⋅trice / ˈsikə-ˌtris / noun
'the scar of a healed wound.'

zayn remembers because it’s necessary. he was going to kill the man responsible for this, after all.

14 April 2014 @ 10:04 am
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05 April 2014 @ 12:42 am
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne/Danielle Peazer, Perrie Edwards/Zayn Malik, Niall Horan/OFC, Eleanor Calder/Gemma Styles
Additional: Red String of Fate!AU, fameless!AU, mythical
Summary:From birth we all have tiny, red (maybe purple, only one person knows), invisible thread tied to our pinkies, attaching us to our soul mates. One family in the world knows that these threads are real. Very real. So real in fact, they spend their time trying to push lovers together, helping them find their happily-ever-after. Or at least, Harry does.
But why doesn't Harry have a string attached to his pinky? Is he suppose to end up alone?
Number of chapters: unknown
10 January 2014 @ 05:00 pm

One Direction: This Is Us was aired in August 2013 but I didn't get the chance to watch it in theatres cause I hadn't yet spell-bounded by these lads.
A friend of mine told me she went to watch it alone cause no one was there to tag along with.
I'm sure if I were to watch it back then, nobody would wanna go with me cause they aren't interested in One Direction.

Fret not, I still get to watch it on my computer and repeat it as many times as I like and that's why I decided to write a review about This Is Us.
I figure there's not much review by the fans so I wanna be the first who comes up with a proper one like this.
The followings are my personal commentary on scenes found in This Is Us.
I've only become their fan for a month and I know I don't 100% know everything about them.
Whatever is written here are my first and new impressions on 1D and would probably change over time.
Others may argue and disagree with me but hey, we're here to have fun reading and fangirling. Maybe you can write your own review too?

Before you proceed to reading this entry, be reminded that it's filled of spoilers and fangirling.
It's advisable for you to close this webpage and start watching the movie now!!!
I put the spoiler button in case your eyes are moving downward out of your control.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

The first few minutes of the movie shows us vintage footage of the boys' hometown in a series of collages of old still photos. In the background, the boys get to tell a bit about their families, hometown and what they did when they were children. They talk about how their childhood experiences had influenced them on what they have become. Zayn says he had a heavy women influence in young age (you should show us photos of you playing dolls with your sisters while you're at it). I can tell Niall wasn't as lucky as the other kids. They lived a poor life as he had to share bedroom with his parents in this tiny little house (I bet you've bought a new and bigger house for them, just like what Zayn did). Yeah, Liam. You've won a better lottery now but your lottery is exceptional, unlike money where you can spend in one time and poof! it's gone. As for Harry, he had been wanting to entertain people and to do that, he had to standout in the school and let people know how well he was in singing. Louis, on the other hand was born as a class clown and has now become a 1D clown. I think you could do well in talk shows, Louis.  You are spontaneous and always have something to say to people. Then the boys tell us some of the old moments they could associate their current life as singers with, and how it all started. Zayn finally is able to clarify his 'women-influenced' life when he said he's more interested in art than sports. Zayn, you can be a clothing designer or a painter. You'll succeed in both fields.

Then there's this high speed replay of previous scenes going on until I see Louis suddenly slaps Niall in the face. My jaw dropped upon seeing it as it happens too fast and everyone was being serious and stiff as hell! Niall knows who slapped him and quickly looks at Louis when everyone is laughing except Harry. Poor Harry doesn't know what was going on cause he's standing a few inches at the front but I'm sure he had it figured out after he watched the replay.

Their first song from the concert footage is Up All Night, also the name of their first studio album which was released in 2010. I gotta be honest, I started become a Directioner just a month ago (December 2013) and since then has been listening to all of their songs from all three albums. I'm glad I'm familiar with the songs, otherwise I would feel left out cause I couldn't appreciate and enjoy the performance.

Their fans are indeed crazy and hysterical. I must expect I'll be seeing girls screaming and jumping and going crazy for these boys in another hour or so. Various tv announcers are making comments about 1D and telling us how they've conquered the world in a blink of an eye. One of them is heard comparing 1D to that of The Beatles. Mixed reviews surfaced over this idea with people objecting and proposing their similarities, even Harry wishes to someday become like The Beatles. In fact, the media itself has dubbed them as the new Beatles. While it's true that their fame skyrockets in only a few months, surpassing The Beatles, they still have more to work on.

Next, we're brought to their rehearsal time in O2 London Arena. Paul Roberts, the choreographer says they're gonna make some changes to the existent dance routine, just to add some freshness to it. I think Louis and Zayn are pessimistic towards boyband as Louis has never been a fan and Zayn says he's in a 'COOL' boyband. They originally came solo for the X-Factor but who would'vethought they'd be rounded up as a group? at least it's something, isn't it? Both of them might've changed their opinions about boyband, considering they've become the most popular boyband in the world now. Niall, in contrast says he's a fan of BSB and NSYNC (give me five, Niall!). I wonder what Harry's and Liam's opinions about boyband are, though. Louis made a point when he says they couldn't follow the typical representations of boyband; dance routine, uniformed clothes and all that. It's funny to see them moving about aimlessly in awkward formation cause they completely lost it haha. Paul must've known from the start how bad they are at dancing but somehow is trying his best to make it happen, regardless how bored he is. And when everything is getting its rhythm,  Niall and Liam argue over the name of the steps they're doing. How did you come up with  the 'bird pecking the seed' name???
Harry steals my heart again when he's playing around with Caroline and he'd never try to stand still when they're trying to snap photos of him. If it were me, I'd stand behind him and hold him still cause I'm skinnier and shorter than Harry, I won't exist in the photo (lol)

After that, footages of their X-Factor auditions are briefly showed with the boys' commentary that we never get to find anywhere else. We know Liam went to X-Factor in 2010 and returned back two years later cause Simon said he wasn't yet ready. Liam, I salute you for your determination and you really have an amazing voice! Simon was impressed with your voice he did a standing ovation for you.
Louis, your hope to not having your audition covered in This Is Us is ignored!! I didn't like your haircut but glad that you never try to revive it. Please, never have that ridiculous haircut again since it hid your droopy hooded eyes and arch eyebrows. Zain has had the most physical transformation so far. His voice remains as powerful as ever and I honestly prefer the matured Zain. He has perfect designer stubble, more refined jaw line, thin almond eyes and more tatts? Imagine if Zayn refused to listen to his mom and stayed on bed that 4 am in the morning, he'll probably is sleeping right now. Zayn following his mom's order should be known to kids all over the world if they don't want to miss precious opportunities that come once in their lifetime.
My eyes are brimming with tears when I see their names aren't called out. Louis is being funny again when he tells what was happening during the elimination. His mother was so optimistic she ignored Louis' clear throat cutting hand gesture and gave him thumbs up yes yes yes!

Then the boys are called to stay back and they believe it was some sort of failure interview where you get to stand in front of a camera, cry, and display your frustration to the world, as Harry calls it "they want to make a big good tv" of reality shows.
Referring to Louis as the group's possible fashion icon is complimentary enough. Who wouldn't want to be referred to as the best example to follow, would it? When I see the outfit Louis was wearing, he donned a beanie, a green polo with cardigan,  a muffler, and  a pair of trousers. Yes, nobody wore muffler except him so I understand why Niall proposed Louis.

The boot camp was a good idea. Getting to know each other personally is better than started working without knowing who your colleagues are. After all, that's how many of band mates start off their band.

Now comes the neuroscientist Koelsch. Thank you for explaining the mystery behind hysterical fangirling. I've been wanting to know why my heart melts when I'm watching them.

Apparently, the mums are also getting cutout of their boys to be put at home now that their kids are gonna be away for a long time and knowing how hard it is to spend quality time together. Louis' mom wants 9 of it but I want 10!! Afterward, Liam is shown together with his cutout in his bedroom. You can just turn it to the wall if you don't wanna be surprised each time you enter the room, Liam.

The most interesting thing in This Is Us is they have a special segment dedicated to their travel in Tokyo for their Take Me Home promo tour. (I said it's interesting cause I love Japan). They jumped from one tv station to another tv station for interview and press conferences. I didn't expect them to be so enthusiastic with Japan and were enjoying every moment they had during their stay. I already watched their interviews with Mezamashi and ZIP! Even before I watched This Is Us and it amazes me that Harry was so into Japan. My first impression of Harry was that he was an introvert and boring (it's only a week  knowing them and those were my first impressions. They changed after I spent a lot of time watching 1D's interaction with public). So the boys are getting prepared for their appearance at the airport. They wear traditional hapi, which was also worn by The Beatles when they visited Japan. The hapi is custom made with their first names written on the back side. See how generous and hospice the Japanese are when it comes to welcoming visitors. I wonder if they ever auction the hapi or the boys keep it as another souvenir home. I'd buy Louis', for sure.

Killing time moment! Naughty Louis is vandalising kitchenware with his victim Liam, and Harry acting like a dad ignoring his sons while reading a local newspaper. It could be a lot funnier if he read it upside down.

Bimbo moment! I can't let Liam get away with this  even though he dropped out of school cause he must have learnt world map before 16! Whether he  forgot Japan isn't a tropical country or he's just plain bimbo. To get on his revenge, he slaps Louis' head after calling out 7-Eleven out of excitement, 7 times already.
Niall, too, must be eager to go out to streets like Harry does but he couldn't cause he had no means of camouflaging himself. Harry is facepalmed upon hearing Niall's failure. I think it would have been better if they went out together and planned how to get away from paparazzi (westerners rarely gain public attraction, you're just another foreigner for them). Harry! Why did you leave on your own? Bring Niall along, will ya?
Next, the boys are brought to a maid café. I don't know what makes this maid café their choice but I'm sure this is not the café that Backstreet Boys went to when they were there recording a music video.  Niall came in first and he's like 'hah! What's this place?' cause they are suddenly being welcomed by cute Japanese girls wearing anime character costumes with high-pitched voice. Niall's greeting 'hello' is purposely ignored . The boys at the back are obviously surprised but they just go along with it and seem to enjoy the new weird experience.

Watching their entourage like Paul, Lou, Caroline, Preston dealing with the boys, I'm sure they must have been missing their own families too.  I don't understand, why does Lou refuse to be hugged by Harry? She's supposed to be happy for the privilege!!
I see Caroline more like a mom to them. She's frequently reminding the boys to behave properly and keep the time. Paul is like a clock to them, every time he'll say 20  to 9, 25 to 9, 5 minutes to go, 5 minutes, 5 minutes! Like a dad nagging his kids to get ready for a family trip haha. Preston comments that the boys are normal boys who like playing pranks and are claimed to be unprofessional. I'd agree with him cause they're just a bunch of pranksters having fun like all teenagers do, except they're doing it with the crews who mostly  in their late 20s and above(cause teens their age are in school). Imagine yourself being a teacher and have to lead a class full of 30 students on a field trip. There's always a few who'd stray from the group and ignore your instructions. All in all, being their entourage is the best thing that could happen in my life. I'd abandon my teaching job and follow them all around the world, oversee their meals. I could be a food manager!

If I ever spot the boys somewhere in this world outside working time, I'd definitely approach them quietly and ask for a group photo so as not to create attention. The girls nearby gasp for air when they see the boys.

The boys describe each other well. They've been together for 3 years, doing hundreds of things together and they've known and understood each other's personalities than the fans. I would like to see them hosting their own tv game show and invite celebrities to play games with them. We could learn more of their personalities while enjoying the show.

The day when they are walking off the street and being ambushed by the fans is unbelievable! They have to take refuge in a store and I think it took quite some time for them to wait for the crowd to disperse but they seem to not budge at all! I can see a customer in a blue jacket, carrying two big paper bags is trapped inside with them. Liam is lucky when a fan failed to tear his ear off. Luckily she's not a zombie or you'll end up zombie too. In the end, they have to call for the tour van so it can drive them away from the shop.

They're true to themselves and share what they feel after they've become celebrities. Yes, behind all those fame, it will cross into your mind that your future is still in uncertainty, whether people like you for who you are or because you're 1D, and you are worried if your family members ever have to face threats or get their privacy invaded because of you.

My favourite of 1D is Darren! OMG Niall, you are freaking hilarious!! They made you look exactly like an old man and you changed your voice into one but you can never hide your hands. Nobody expected  it was you and I wonder how did the fans react to that when they watched this segment. The funniest is when Niall says "that cghrap! I go home! I quit this job is cghrap! I go back to Glasgow!" while the fans are looking at him in confusion. They must be thinking, who is this creepy old man and why the hell he keeps on shouting and yelling off 1D.

The bonfire was fun to watch. They get to set up tents by themselves (or not) and the only person who goes his own way to refer to the Swedish manual is Liam. Harry mocks Liam for doing that but it pays off when he's the first to successfully set up the tent, all by himself!  Could it be the tents are from Ikea? If so, Liam was doing the right thing in assembling Ikea furniture! As expected, Daddy Direction! You better listen to daddy, lads.
Serves Louis right! He initially says he'd pretend to be the busiest when he's actually walking around collecting pine cones. He tells the boys to ignore bonfire instructions they learnt in scouts  and to do it his own way aaaand crashh! they fail to stand the logs haha.
Anyone who watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button would understand what Liam says during the bonfire. I doubt the others watched it cause they weren't taken aback to it. The movie was unthinkable of and Liam is genius for coming up with the analogy even though he didn't finish high school.

I rotfl over the last concert footage of What Makes You Beautiful. I'd love to see them prank each other again and not just Harry. As far as I know, Harry got pranked twice, first was the shirt and now the jeans (are there more? I wanna see!). The boys must have staged it before or asked Caroline to loosen up the shirt or purposely told Harry the jeans didn't need belt. Tight jeans don't usually require belt as it is already tight. Pulling off the jeans by slipping both your thumbs on the back pockets and jerk it down will do the trick.

The end credit is fun to watch. I think they like cross-dressing and cosplaying. They should do this more often in the public and air it in their own weekly tv show for us to enjoy. If any of them doesn't wanna be chased after by fans and paparazzi, they better off put on elaborated disguise like this and enjoy their private lives in public.

P/S 1D is a British-Irish boyband. They come from western part of the world and have fans from all over the world. Even before I watched This Is Us and learnt of their behaviours, I had watched their interviews with a Japanese TV programs; ZIP! and Mezamashi Terebi on the internet and I got to know each of them possesses different attitudes and hobbies. What came to my mind on that instant was that 1D has a faint resemblance with the most popular Japanese boyband Arashi. That's why I love One Direction.
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03 October 2013 @ 07:35 pm
in love, we're amateurs at best.
by eunoia

→ zayn/harry, au - fluff/angst
+ nc-17 / 14559 words
&’ side pairing: liam/louis
- mentions of sex/drugs/swearing

the thing is, zayn never wanted harry.
(he should’ve known that people love things that confuse them).

or the one where accidents happen for a reason and it was zayn and harry all along.

26 August 2013 @ 01:02 am
53 - One Direction icons


all icons can be found here at sunnyday_icons
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12 August 2013 @ 12:37 am
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1 x VIP ticket for sale. One Direction at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on 3rd August. I will be picking ticket up at box office at 10am on the day of the concert. Soundcheck 3.30pm. Email: alisonmoore@manx.net if interested in buying. All offers considered.
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01 August 2013 @ 11:55 pm
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29 July 2013 @ 12:29 pm
[51] One Direction

here @ sexy_mood_music.
The post will be public for 2 weeks, and if you care to see it after that, feel free to join the comm. If you have any feedback or concrit, please don't hesitate to speak up. Thank you! :)
26 July 2013 @ 05:58 pm
I drew Niall as an angel. :]

View it here!
18 July 2013 @ 07:52 pm
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