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Fan fiction

first of all I'm so glad that someone decided to make a livejournal community for One Direction, one of the best things ever. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading a Harry/Zayn slash fiction??? I have an idea for them.

The fic is called 'The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most' and it deals with lots of angst, especially towards Harry. I have a tendency to torture my favourite characters and what not. Anyway the fic would be about the boys trying to deal with the fact that Harry tried to commit suicide, and the fic begins with them being in hospital waiting for him to wake up and learning that Harry and Zayn had been in a relationship up until then.

It sort of like Zayn telling the story from the beginning of their relationship up until the accident and maybe what happens after wards. So would anyone be interested in reading it? Let me know by leaving a comment.

And mods if this isn't aloud feel free to delete it :)
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