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Morning is mocking me

Hear Louis talk about fake tan

Phewf! We've always said we want a Twitter Rant, but maybe we'll have to choose our words more carefully in the future, as we're getting a Twitter Rant directed at us! This simply will not do.

Most of you will have, by now, read Sugar magazine's fabulous interviews with the gorgeous One Direction. If you haven't then hurry the frick up and go and get your issue! It's beautiful.

Alas, the interviews have spurned a world of TURMOIL on the Twittersphere, with a lot of people getting a bit worked up about Louis Tomlinson's views about fake tan.

Obviously this is pretty serious stuff, so let's deal with it shall we?

Louis himself has also tweeted 'For the record, I didn't say fake tan was a turn on...'

So, for the record, here's the recording from the fake tan part of his interview.

Louis Tomlinson talks fake tan by sugarscape


Ha! He lied (in the interview). I would have loved to hear him say Cher was a turn off though.
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