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One Direction

@ LJ

One Direction Fans!
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*Please read the rules before you join. They are also listed below.


We ♥ One Direction.

Welcome to the One Direction community on LiveJournal!

Feel free to join and post anything One Direction related. News/picspams/discussions, etc.

Mod Information:

The mods are:

confessionsxoxo, cosmopudin, ilikehumanflesh, jennifer_95, juanandonly, and vintagesticker.

You can reach the mods at one_d_mods. This is a community for the mods of one_direction to communicate with each other. But you can also communicate with us there too! If you have suggestions for the comm or an issue you need to talk to us about, feel free to comment here. We'll try to get in touch with you ASAP!

Please message any of us if you need to!

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Here are the rules. Please read them:

- Don't be a total asshole.

- No ship wars.

- Please try to tag your posts!

- If you use people's icons (from graphic posts), credit them if they ask for it.

- Long posts go under an LJ cut.

- Don't make an introduction post.

- Regarding fic: please post your fic to one_d_fanwork. You may also post fanvids and icons to this comm. Please post links to your fic and fanworks in the Daily Fic Posts. Please include all regular information in these comments, such as title, pairing, rating, etc.

How to creep One Direction on Twitter:
(note: being creepy is encouraged in this community)

One Direction

Tumblrs to Follow:

Fuck Yeah 1D Gay Secrets
Fuck Yeah Zayn and Louis
Sassy Gay One Direction

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